Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can't bring myself to buy the new Beastie Boys...

Arthur is back!
The other day I bought some Coast soap and Carolyn exclaimed, "Your soap is Pacific Force flavor!"
You might be me and think that the new Elliot Smith comp isn't something you really need 'cause it's just old outtakes and stuff, but like me you'd be wrong 'cause it's really good. And, Dup, his cover of 13 is on there.
We're going to Scotland Thursday and are really excited. To prepare we watched Trainspotting and The Wicker Man. Carolyn thought there was going to be a scary killer who was made out of wicker. Spoiler alert: There's not. Basket Case kinda does, but that's not Scottish. I ordered the Wicker Man soundtrack--but not because of that main song. That main song is lame.
Battles are playing the Crocodile when we're there, but oh well. Scotland!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yesterday at my new job they re-launched this database that they've been working on for a long time. I logged on eagerly and attempted to update some social security income amounts, but it wouldn't let me. I called the support guy. Support guy fiddled for a minute with me over the phone before declaring: "It's a tab problem!" I logged off and few minutes later found an email in my inbox--sent to everyone who uses the database--saying: "Because Pete Miller has found the first bug on the database... this patch will be named the Pete Miller Patch, or the PMP." Now I thought, gee, that's kinda cool, but I wasn't prepared for the reaction of this other support guy who works in my office: He beamed! I beamed! It's nice to recieve an honor, even if it's a really nerdly one that you earned through no talent of you own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's something I don't like about my job?

Tucking in my shirt.

I love Robert Wyatt

I've only had a burned copy of "Rock Bottom" for a few years now, and, because I do love it so, was craving the real deal in the actual packaging. Found it used last night. That's a good feeling. Now to do the same with "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" (Harvey Danger now has me always mis-saying that...).

Only watched the pilot so far...

Is HBO's "Lucky Louie" the "least funny show ever?" as Blade claims?
Or is it "kinda funny," as I opine?

Friday, June 01, 2007

This post could save you money!

Today I went to refill my inhaler prescription at the Group Health pharmacy and the woman told me that I could actually save major money if I had the prescription mailed to my house. "It's a feature you have available. They won't tell you about it, though, it's in the small print."
This is one of things that's nice to know but, shoot, why couldn't I have known about it five years ago? I would've saved several hundred dollars. My, my. I guess this is my punishment for living so close to the place. If it hadn't been so convenient a walk I would've requested long ago that it be mailed. Anyway, check and see if this might be true in your case....