Sunday, October 29, 2006

I don't know how you dayshifters do it. The crowded busses, the crowded offices,
the dark walks to work. Tough stuff. It's been a rough first week. I've learned
that I don't just have difficulty sleeping when I have to wake up early for a plane; I can't sleep worth a damn if I have to get up early for anything. And I've been trying to get up early, with some success, so that I can write some poems before work. Because after work I'm pretty wiped out. But that's probably because of the waking up to check the alarm clock forty nine times a night, paranoid I'm not going to get up in time to write. This is the downside of having been so hooked into a routine the past eight years. Like coffee, a routine can get the job done, but, as with coffee, if things don't go as planned you wind up with a junkie's headache. Right now I'm just eager to get into a nice new routine so I can stay sane through eight hours of my co-workers non-stop chatter. Don't they ever shut up?? They do not. When I worked swing shift I only had to see them two hours a day. But when I worked swing shift I only got to see my wife (awake) for an hour a day. So this is the better deal. And I've certainly capitalized on the new freedom to have a normal cultural life. In the first week I already attended a mindbending Daniel Pinchbeck reading, an amazing poetry reading up the Space Needle, and a great Halloween party. I'm not even counting all the meals I've gotten to eat with my family. When I do the math it all seems well worth the mind-created problems which aren't actual problems after all--things are as they are. Adjustments take longer than a week, right? Besides, who needs a stupid routine to write when I'll have the November 30th deadline of a 50,000 word novel hanging over me starting Wednesday? Gulp.


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Ash said...

Yes, it does take more than a week to change your routine, especially one that you have been in for so long. Hang in there! P.S. Glad you enjoyed the party, we did too! Yay for Halloween!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Small Fish said...

Dayshifters do it just like you say - through routine. But I've found that changing a routine just a little bit (getting up early to do things before work) is much more difficult than a huge change - like what you are doing. So you have a unique opportunity to start your routine off right. Good luck :)

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous momster said...

Hang in there, Pete!

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