Thursday, December 15, 2005

I bring good news

Otherwise Known as Rambini the Great wrote this column
in The Stranger in April in which he posed this sad question:
What happens when you're presented with cold, hard evidence that the comedy you grew up loving simply isn't funny?

I've yet to share his exact experience but recall all too well my letdown the last time I watched M*A*S*H. Ouch. Maybe if they could edit out that lafftrack.

But, as the title of this post alerted you, I bear good news! The Far Side is funny! I'd say "funny again" but unlike the shows Sean bemoans, The Far Side was always funny. It's just that there
was way too much exposure. I believe that's referred to as "overexposure." In my college dorm it was common to come across a room door covered entirely in Far Side clippings. Man, was that a treat! You got to kill five minutes chuckling! The problem was that the kids would never rotate the selection and, thirty on this door, forty on that door...soon you'd read the same one fifty times. Add to that all the tee-shirts and birthday cards and, before long, I wouldn't have stepped over a Tri Delt to look at another recontextualized viking. Not that The Far Side went away. In fact my bored feelings towards it had a few years to get lukewarmer, thanks to the Page a Day calendar Dup's parents gave him year after unbeliveble year. The defintion of desperation at the Dump? Dying for a Dilbert calendar.

With Gary Larson retired the Far Side was pretty much gone from my life.
But then--you can see this coming--a few weeks ago at work one of those cheapo perfect-for-stockings-sized colletions everyone got for Christmas back in the '80's showed up at work, just one more in a series of random volumes that appear when you got a lot of mentally ill people who aren't shy about digging where I wouldn't think to dig (This week also turned up Allan Stein by Matthew Stadler and Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me it's Raining by Judge Judy). Bored and wary, I flipped through it. And it was funny! The Far Side is funny! Again! I laughed at every cartoon, and laughed even harder with the joy of having my long lost friend back. I'd read them all before, of course, but enough time had passed that they seemed fresh as ever. This stuff is classic, timeless. What a weird, happy feeling. Maybe this means after a decade or two I'll be able to return to The Simpsons. One can only hope.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Blade said...

I have a far side calendar at work and it's not funny. but i figured out recently the theme is "bad things about to happen" and lately i just don't think injuries etc. are very funny. just the mood i'm in i guess.


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