Friday, February 22, 2008

Up for Debate

I've said all along that I'd be happy with either candidate, but since I'm still officially (per vote and contributions) an Obama man I was relieved to hear the CNN commentators saying that Hilary didn't look much better than Barack in last night's debate. Because I think she did. She connected with the audience a lot more with her Texas connections. She got a lot more applause lines. She mentioned a lot more--I thought--specific policy changes she'd make. She smiled when she spoke (Barack seems too damn nervously serious at times). She calmly folded the blowing page of her notepad back when it was blowing, basically solving the issue with grace, while Obama drove himself and everyone else nuts by not stopping his from flapping up again and again and... There's no doubt that Hilary really hit it out of the park with her closing statement, the standing ovation line about the wounded vets. I'm sure she prepared for the question as it's pretty standard, but why the hell didn't Barack prepare something better? We already know you were a community organizer raised by your Mom and grandparents, tell us something new. Hilary did lose me, though, with the "Change you can Xerox" swipe. As Anderson Cooper said, "Good line. I wonder who gave it to her?" (Recently Anderson Cooper said that everyone at CNN had gotten in their "Disco naps." When I told Bladio that she said, "Well, he is Gloria Vanderbilt's son!"). But even though I felt the questions were biased in her favor ("Tell us why you think Barack is a plagarizer." "Tell us why you'd be ready on day one and he wouldn't." "Tell us why Barack is all hat and no cattle.") , I was very impressed by Hilary's performance. As I said all along... But Obama still has my heart.


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