Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A few months ago I posted that my friends in LA and Chicago should go see the freshly-reunited Os Mutantes. I think my exhortation was roundly ignored, but...who cares? They're coming to Seattle!
And I have a third row seat (Carolyn is concerted out)! But now I'm a bit nervous.
The other day NPR had a little profile about the reunion, and it turns out Rita Lee
isn't part of it. And the drummer hadn't played drums in thirty years. Uh oh.
And doesn't seem like a set-up for disappointment having such an obscure (albeit legendary) band play the Moore Theater? The reunited Zombies just played the Crocodile (a half-empty Crocodile) and they had Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent (which meant wading through a lot of mostly crappy Argent songs--though "Hold Your
Head Up" rocked). Well, it'll probably be okay. The material is solid, and even those guys in Buena Vista Social Club hadn't played their instruments for a long time... Cross your fingers, please.


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