Saturday, July 22, 2006


I should've known I coulnd't keep up on my cd reviewing blog duties. Problem is, shocking as it may seem, I sometimes fudge a bit on my album purchasing limits. When that happens and I, for some odd reason, wind up with more than two albums in a week, and then I go and let a few weeks slip by without blogging, well, I just get overwhelemed. I have been picking up tons of great music, but I'm just gonna touch on random gems at random times. When I find the inclination.

If you like Fairport Convention you'll like this. Mattias claims they're even better than Fairport but he's a Swede. Sometimes, like F.C, they can get a little too "let us raise goblets of mead 'round thee olde Black Deathey Maypole" but that's just goes with the territory, late 60's British folk. Mostly they're just solid, deep, and an acoustic English sort of way. Neil Young said Bert Jansch did for acoustic guitar what Jimi Hendrix did for... um, I forget. You might recognize Bert Jansch's voice from The Squid and the Whale soundtrack. I really want get me some of his solo stuff. Feels like I've been missing out..


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