Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm blogging just to blog 'cause it's been too long and bloggin is something like a muscle.
So what. ? Just back from the Capitol Hill Block Party with my sister to see Girl Talk.
The dude knows how to throw a fun show, but it was too damn much rabid youth with elbows for
me and my sis and we just stood way to the side after a scary exit through kids shoving with cigarettes, took in the whole scene. Today's youth have some of the coolest tee-shirts. One guy
had a tee-shirt that reproduced a bunch of Brautigan paperback covers, really nice. I left before Les Savy Fav (though they put on a good show too) and Vampire Weekend 'cause an old man needs his limeade and his stereo. Listening to Terry Riley and John Cale's "Church of Anthrax" and it's brilliant. Wish I could blast it, have my own block party.